As we grow older our learning process slows down. But why?

Kids learn faster than us, but how?
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Do you have ever noticed kids learn more than adults? Absolutely, right as you are thinking. Kids learn more than us. But how? How does our learning process slow down? (Even we didn’t realize, yet.)

You’ll find answers to all the above questions in the story.

Firstly, we should know “what is learning?”

Let us assume a condition, suppose you don’t know a bit of Algebra and somewhere (intentionally or not) you came and attended the class. As a result, you got new stuff in your Operating System (Brain). Now, you are able to solve things that you got in your mind. This is called learning.

“Simply, learning is a practice on things you don’t know. As a result of learning, you know new stuff for solving out your problems.”

Responsible Factors behind learning

I put a glance at my childhood and extract several factors that I think these factors are responsible for the learning process. We can say that the absence of these factors makes learning slower. What are these factors? These factors are:

#1 Biological Factors

God has blessed us with numerous blessings and we should be grateful to Him. We have a whole universe inside the body. These biological factors have a vital role in our learning and processing.

These are the certain factors that put the foundation of learning, biologically.

#2 Social Factors

Society has a vast impact on our learning process. It depends on what kind of society do we live in. Our network is responsible for building theories and ideologies in our minds.

For instance, if someone is learning through his formal education and lives in a poor developing country, then the chances of the implementation of his learning are very low. The main reason is that society teaches him lessons to focus on other things. Even, he has to face a number of obstacles to find out the way to educate himself.

You can read the Abstract for the factors behind literacy rate,

“Illogical conditioning is killer of innovation and creativity.”

One of the important factors behind social impact is conditioning of mind. Conditioning of the mind means adapting the mind according to society. I think that this is the deadliest thing ever for learning. Conditioning kills creativity and innovation; that stimulate learning.

That’s why we should never ever ignore the importance of society in learning.

Individual vs. Group learning

It is preferred to learn in a learning community because every individual in that community helps each other to learn. According to the Research of Willey Library.

#3 Environmental Factors

The environment also plays an important role in the learning process, throughout.

“A learner should be at the right place at right time.”

There are several institutes for education purposes. Anyone who wants to learn should join the one, which is well structured and famous institute. The teaching faculty and structure of the institute plays a big role in changing the learner’s mind. _Research_

Moreover, if someone wants to learn something, then he should create such an environment.

For example, if someone wants to learn Graphic Designing then he should have a room or space in the home where he can place his accessories, e.g., table, laptop, sketchbooks, etc.

Or a student learning micro-biology should have access to the laboratory for examining different samples.

Similarly, there should be a proper environment for proper learning.

Suggested Solutions

Suggested solutions for:

Biological Factors

i) Proper diet (full of nutrients, avoid junk food)
ii) Proper sleep (at least 7 hours)
iii) Proper exercise (at least 1 hour daily)
iv) Meditation (good to improve focus)
v) Proper management for daily tasks (reduces failure; which reduce depression)

Social Factors

i) Not agreeing anyone’s point of view (illogical)
ii) Minding your own business (don’t interfere in others work)
iii) Don’t use social media too much
iv) Find a good company

Environmental Factors

i) go for a walk daily; observe nature
ii) get a proper space in your home for your work
iii) stay away from noisy places
iv) live in a natural environment; having less pollution

These factors directly affect our learning

Factors affecting learning direct;y.
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Some natural factors help us to better understand anything. When we were kids we had them in greater amount as compared to now.

  • Focus
  • Consistency
  • Use of natural reasoning


When we were in our childhood (1–13 years of age), we were focused on the things we wanted to learn. That was the focus in which there wasn’t any mental, physical or social disturbance. We were free to learn. We weren’t burdened with countless responsibilities. That’s why we learned a lot.

But now, our brain is fully occupied by several tensions. We have a hectic routine to follow. There are many relations and we’re depressed, If such stress remains in our head then how can we learn anything?


Second thing, consistency. In childhood, when kids want to learn something they want, so they stick to it. They don’t leave it till they learn. We have had the same case. When we were kids we used to do the same and we learned new things.

As we grow older, our brain retention rate decreases and consistency decreases as a result. We can say a physics statement for this factor.

“Consistency directly varies with focus.”

When we have a plan, we focus and when we focus then we do the work in regular intervals that is called consistency.

Use of Natural Knowledge Base

God has shown infinite mercy to us. Kids don’t have much knowledge, but they still learn. There is a hidden truth inside. Kids have a natural algorithm installed in their brains by God. They use this natural base of reasoning to solve their problems. After some time, this knowledge base gets stronger.

When we grow older, we study different concepts through books, articles, videos and different stuff. We think we’re educating ourselves, but not in actuality. We ignore a thing called “natural reasoning”. We start to think from others’ perspectives instead of ours. If we want to get to be innovative, so we should use this natural reasoning algorithm provided by God.


If we want to get the same learning rate as we had in our childhood, then we should keep the above things in our minds. We should overcome the causes by finding the solution. Moreover, three basic factors will help us to enhance our learning rate. The role of innovation and creativity in building any society is enormous. So we shouldn’t ignore that.

I hope you liked it. Leave a response and clap too.




I am a student, content-writer and a freelancer. I am dedicated to the people to learn. My goal is to provide knowledge to the people and help them. Thanks!

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I am a student, content-writer and a freelancer. I am dedicated to the people to learn. My goal is to provide knowledge to the people and help them. Thanks!

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